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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



Terms of Membership


Students Section

Our Vision

Our vision is to enable physics students to smoothly understand and apply all physics fields.

Our Mission

To raise the level of physics students in Saudi Arabia through courses and programs designed to serve the objectives of the country.  

Our Goals

  1. To prepare a generation of highly qualified physicists to lead the future of physics in Saudi Arabia.
  2. To create a proper environment where physics students can develop their scientific skills through different scientific activities.
  3. To build a strong team spirit among the physics students by working together on the division's projects.
  4. To set up an effective communication network linking physics students around the country.
  5. To raise the awareness of the importance of physics to our life.

Our Projects

  1. Planning, designing and organizing E-courses and training programs in physics.
  2. Launching a new YouTube channel, 'My Channel', to widespread the message of the division.
  3. Managing the F5 journal; encouraging students to take part in editing the different sections of the journal.
  4. Organizing a variety of student competitions.
  5. Receiving all suggestions and ideas that can be implemented to improve the teaching and learning physics.
  6. Improving the communication efficiency between the physics students through the Mailing Groups tool.
  7. Managing the 'Teach Me' website which is dedicated to providing physics learners the best answers and explanations to their questions in all physics fields.

Our Objectives

  1. To facilitate effective communication between physics departments in the different Saudi universities and enhance communication among physics students at these institutes.
  2. To hold an annual physics students meeting.
  3. To produce as well as translate educational physics videos.
  4. To publish an E-journal that can provide physics students and researchers with the scientific knowledge useful for their academic work.
  5. To facilitate communication with Saudi students studying abroad in order to benefit from their academic experience.

Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for executing all the relevant initiatives, strategies and projects set by the society.

The present committee has 4 members:

​    ​Doctor Iman Al-Garafi


​    ​Doctor Ateyya Al-Bordi

Committee Member

​    ​Doctor Sabah Al-Qarni

Committee Member

​    ​Mahmood Hizam

Committee Member