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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



Terms of Membership


Research Groups

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics (AMOP)


Our Vision

The vision of AMOP is to develop scientific research & innovative activities of international standards in field of atomic, molecular and optical physics, and to become the leading national research institute in this field.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to distribute knowledge of atomic, molecular & optical physics, and to encourage and utilize the exchange of ideas between academics and researchers in order to facilitate the progress of this field.

Our Goals

  1. To endorse scientific research and improve research skills in researchers and students by creating an environment suitable for creative thinking & innovation.
  2. To facilitate relations and exchange of ideas & experiences between physicists specialized in atomic, molecular and optical physics.  
  3. To improve the quality of contents and teaching methods of university atomic, molecular & optical physics courses in order to create a new generation of highly qualified researchers in this field.
  4. To promote e-learning as an effective method of enriching students' knowledge of atomic, molecular & optical physics.
  5. To identify and provide support to academically gifted students, and help create a generation of leading physicists through boosting students' scientific curiosity and thinking skills.
  6. To advance scientific research by establishing collaborations between national as well as international researchers and by facilitating funding for their research. 
  7. To participate in community benefits programs, and build links to the industrial sectors in order to enable physicists to make valuable contribution to the scientific and economic development in Saudi Arabia.   

Our Projects

  1. Defining development strategies for scientific research in atomic, molecular & optical physics (AMOP).
  2. Setting up a research management system to organize and fund AMOP projects.
  3. Designing, preparing and organizing training courses, workshops, meetings and scientific symposia on atomic, molecular & optical physics.
  4. Organizing lectures and summer/winter schools on atomic, molecular & optical physics.
  5. Encouraging collaborative projects in atomic, molecular & optical physics   between researchers in different Saudi universities through effective communication channels.
  6. Utilizing AMOP mailing list and AMOP Twitter as tools to enhance communication between and deliver news to AMOP members.
  7. Utilizing SPS website to post the latest of AMOP news, releases and activities.  
  8. Setting up an e-library to collect and provide access to AMOP lectures, presentations and videos.
  9. Promoting performance and productivity of AMOP members via awards and honorary certificates.
  10. Exchanging visits with national and worldwide universities, and inviting international speakers to participate in AMOP scientific meetings.
  11. Organizing visits to worldwide research centers in order to promote international collaborations.
  12. Creating methods of support to AMOP research projects.

Our Objectives

  1. To attain leadership and excellence in national and international scientific research.
  2. To enhance communication and interaction between AMOP researchers in different Saudi universities.
  3. To hold an annual conference on atomic, molecular & optical physics.
  4. To establish cooperative agreements with international research centers specialized in atomic, molecular & optical physics.

Steering Committee

The current steering committee is comprised of a chairperson and 3 members working as a team to execute all the relevant initiatives, strategies and projects set by the society.

​    ​Professor Ali Al-Kamli


Jazan University, Department of Physics

​    ​Doctor Najm Al-Husaini

Vice Chairperson

Al-Jouf University, Department of Physics

​    ​Doctor Ola Al-Hagan


King Khalid University, Department of Physics

​    ​Qurrat Al-Ain Gholfam


Jazan University, Department of Physics