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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



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The Saudi Physical Society (SPS) was founded in 1422 AH/ 2002 AD at King Khalid University and was officially approved by the University Council on 11.16.1422 AH/ 30.01.2002 AD (resolution No.15-3-1422/1423 AH). Its mission is to create, as well as improve, methods of communication between physicists working in different areas of physics through organizing meetings and conferences on both Physical Sciences and Methods of Teaching Physics. The society is also dedicated to developing multidisciplinary research on physics by supporting collaborations between researchers from different scientific backgrounds from both inside and outside the Kingdom. 

In addition to the various branches of physics, the society also focuses on sciences associated with physics that can contribute to the development of theoretical and applied physics, such as Medical Physics, Biophysics, Physical Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Optics and other related sciences.

The society currently has about 300 members including researchers, teachers and students, and three different divisions: the Teachers Division, the Student Division and the Reserach Groups.