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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



Terms of Membership



  1. To improve the functionality of the society in order to enhance its national and international positions as a professional association.
  2. To create effective links to the policy makers, and to the different organizations in the public and private sectors that benefit from or directly influence the development of physics and the physical sciences.  
  3. To enhance the important role of physics and physical sciences in the development of the societies and their economies.
  4. To facilitate means of furthering the public understanding of physics and the physical sciences.
  5. To provide physicists and those working for the development of physical sciences the needed scientific, financial or technical support, or support with media engagement.
  6. To improve the methods of learning and teaching physics and physical sciences in both general and higher education. 
  7. To promote scientific research and encourage national and international research competitions that aim at advancing the different fields of physical sciences.