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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



Terms of Membership


Teachers Section


Our vision is to prepare physics teachers of high professional scientific, academic and educational skills to be able to deliver physics lessons to the learners effectively.


To advance the level of education in Saudi Arabia through advancing the teaching skills of physics teachers by providing them with the required knowledge, experiences and skills.

Our Goals

  1. Building and sustaining effective professional learning communities of physics teachers in Saudi Arabia.
  2. Training physics teachers to develop the scientific skills and to use the modern techniques necessary for teaching physics effectively.
  3. Fostering professional growth of physics teachers and developing deep understanding of subject content of different fields of physics.
  4. Developing positive and good attitudes and practices of physics teaching.
  5. Preparing highly qualified cadre to assist the process of teaching the physical sciences.


  1. Designing, organizing and facilitating training programs, workshops, meetings and symposia on both physics and methods of teaching physics.
  2. Preparing a plan for the collaboration with the Ministry of Education. 
  3. Building a nationwide communication network with physics overseers.
  4. Holding "Best Teacher" competitions in different physics fields.
  5. Proposing new initiatives and ideas in the field of the development of teaching and learning physics, such as translating scientific books.
  6. Promoting the electronic communication among all those involved in physics teaching by the use of "mailing list" tools.

Our Objectives

  1. To facilitate the collaboration with the Ministry of Education in the fields of training and curricula.
  2. To execute the project of Developing Teaching and Learning Physics in Saudi Arabia by composing quality measures of each of the content, the teaching methods and the evaluation methods.
  3. To execute the project of Career Growth Pathways for Physics Teachers.
  4. To create a mobile physics laboratory.
  5. To organize an annual meeting for physics teachers.
  6. To translate educational books on both teaching and learning physics.
  7. To produce as well as translate educational videos for teaching physics purposes.
  8. To establish an electronic journal to serve the needs of physics teachers.

Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for executing all the relevant initiatives, strategies and projects set by the society.

The present committee has 6 members:

​    ​Fahd Abdurrahman Al-Rehaili


​    ​Raja Allah Abdullah Al-Harbi

Committee Member

​    ​Ibrahim Marghob Al-Hindi

Committee Member -Rapporteur

​    ​Nassir Salih Al-Lehiani

Committee Member

​    ​Noaf Aamir Al-Dosari

Committee Member

​    ​Maha Awad Al-Mutairi

Committee Member-Director of Electronic Services