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The Saudi Physical Society is a scientific society under the supervision of King Khalid University.



Terms of Membership



Research Groups

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics (AMOP)


Our Vision

Teachers Section


Our vision is to prepare physics teachers of high professional scientific, academic and educational skills to be able to deliver physics lessons to the learners effectively.


To advance the level of education in Saudi Arabia through advancing the teaching skills of physics teachers by providing them with the required knowledge, experiences and skills.

Administration Board

Members of Board of Directors


Dr. Hamed Al-Qarni


د. زين حسن يماني

نائب الرئيس


  1. To improve the functionality of the society in order to enhance its national and international positions as a professional association.
  2. To create effective links to the policy makers, and to the different organizations in the public and private sectors that benefit from or directly influence the development of physics and the physical sciences.  
  3. To enhance the important role of physics and physical sciences in the development of the societies and their economies.

Vision & Mission


Towards global leadership in establishing physical sciences in various specialties and supporting interested researchers, teachers and students.

Our Mission


The Saudi Physical Society (SPS) was founded in 1422 AH/ 2002 AD at King Khalid University and was officially approved by the University Council on 11.16.1422 AH/ 30.01.2002 AD (resolution No.15-3-1422/1423 AH). Its mission is to create, as well as improve, methods of communication between physicists working in different areas of physics through organizing meetings and conferences on both Physical Sciences and Methods of Teaching Physics.